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Abandoned ABANDONE- Noun/ Verb ABANDONED-  Adj SYNONYMS: Derelict, deserted, dissolute, forlorn, forsaken, neglected, rejected, unoccupied, wanton, wild, bad, corrupt, demoralized, depraved, dissolute, graceless, incorrigible, licentious, profligate, reprobate, sinful, unprincipled, vicious, wicked. ANTONYMS: Adopted, chaste, cherished, correct, defended, good, high-principled, innocent, maintained, moral, pure, restrained, righteous, steady, supported, upright, virtuous, worthy.   CROSS-REFERENCE: Forsaken felling Alone, […]


some valuable remedise with blood corpuscles complaints,they are as GENERALE–Acetic a,alloxanum,ammonium carb,aranea dia,arsenic alb,beryllium m,cadmium m,chin s,chloropromazine,chloramphanicol,cobaltum n,cortison,D N A,D P T,ferrum m,ferrum p,fla de piedra,hirudo med,influenzinum,levomepromazine,mandagora,morgan b,phenobarbiton,R N A,sarothamnus,sulfanilamide,sycotic ba,thallium, X-ray. REDUCTION OF  E S R-Alloxanum. ELEVATION OF  E S R-Berillium m,cobaltum n,levomepromazine. DISOLUTION OF   R B C-Ammonium c. FLUIDITY OF BLOOD-Ammon carb. […]

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