miasmatic mind

in homoeopathy, mind and miasm is a valuable thing for case analysis with repertory.here have some miasmatic indication for rubrics.
1. absent minded- psora

2. absorbed- psora; syphilis

3. abstraction of mind- psora

4. abusive- psora; syphilis; sycosis

5. affectionate- psora

6. anger- psora; syphilis; pseudo-psora

7. anxiety- psora; pseudo-psora

8. blasphemy- syphilis; sycosis

9. brooding- syphilis; sycosis

10. capriciousness- psora

11. censorious- psora

12. chaotic- syphilis

13. clairvoyance- psora

14.complaining- psora

15. contemtuous- psora

16. contrary- syphilis; sycosis

17.cowardice- psora

18. cruelty- sycosis

19.cursing- syphilis; sycosis

20. defiant- sycosis

21. delirium- psora

22. delirium tremens- syphilis; sycosis

23.delusion- psora; syphilis; sycosis

24.dementia- tersiary psora

25.despair- psora; ter psora ; syphilis

26.drestractiveness- syphilis

27.dictactorial- sycosis

28. discontented- psora; pseudo-psora


30.dream as if in a-psora

31.dullness-psora; syphilis; sycosis; pseudo-psora

32.egotism- sycosis

33.envy- sycosis

34.escape attempting to- syphilis

35.excitement- psora

36.exhilaration- psora

37.fastidious- psora

38.fear- psora

39.forgetfull-psora; sycosis

40.forsaken felling-psora

41.frightened easily- psora


43.haughty-psora; sycosis

44.heedless- psora

45.helplessnes felling of-psora



48.hurry-psora; sycosis

49.horrible thing, sad story affect him profoundly-psora

50.hypochondriasis- ter psora

51.hysteria-psora, pseudo-psora

52.idiocy- syphilis





57.impulsive-psora; syphilis

58.indifference- psora; syphilis

59.indrustious- sycosis

60.insanity- psora; syphilis; sycosis

61.insolence-psora; sycosis

62.intolerance- syphilis

63.introspection- sycosis


65. irritability-psora;sycosis; pseudo- psora

66.jealousy- sycosis

67.kill desire to-psora;syphilis; sycosis

68.killed desire to be-syphilis; sycosis


70. lamenting- psora


72.lewdness- psor; pseudo-psora

73.liar- sycosis



76.mania-syphilis; sycosis

77. misantropy- psora

78.mischievous-psora; sycosis


80.mocking-psora; syphilis; sycosis

81.moral felling want of- syphilis; sycosis

82.muttering-syphilis; pseudo-psora

83.nymphomania-psora; ter psora; pseudo- psora

84.obscene lwed-psora; pseudo-psora

85.offened easily- syphilis; sycosis

86.precocity of childrene-psora

87.prostration of mind-psora; ter psora

88.quarrelsome- syphilis; sycosis

89.quite disposition-psora

90.quite want to be-psora




94.reproaching one self-syphilis; sycosis

95.reserved-psora; syphilis;sycosis

96.restlessness-psora; pseudo-psora


98.sadness-psora;ter psora; pseudo- psora

99. secretive-sycosis


101.shameless-psora; pseudo-psora




105.suicidal disposition-psora;syphilis;sycosis




109. temirity-syphilis






115.weary of life-psora

116.weeping-psora; pseudo-psora

117.yielding disposition-psora

masmatic mind

key wordspsoric sycoticsyphilitictuberculer
introductiondiversion; perversion & re-probation.suspicious; jealousy.destructive.dissatisfaction.
anxiety impending misfortune.
anxiety to the point of worry & fear.
due to his jealousy. change in the whether & humidity.at night dissatisfied state of mind.
thought feigning philosopher.
thought and word overflow.
mania tic.
cant find the right words and if he dose, he is not sure whether they are right.
lack ideas; expressions and thought. lack of concentration and thoughtlessness.
awarenessalert; quick; active.
the patient is sensitive to odors and atmospheric change.
suspicious; do not trust themselves or surrounding. so they repeat what they have done or said.dull; heavy stupid; idiocy.
mentally slow to react.
they may be either slow & dull or very bright, intelligent & alert.
cruelty not prominent.mostly in the form of mental torture; lack of affection; rudeness & vexation.
try to heart others emotionally.
cold-blooded murderers; the committed criminals.
physical destruction; bodily assault; killing & physical tortures.
physical & mental tortures.
fear all fears.fear of making mistake.fear people & conversation with them due to their dullness & idiocy.fearless or
fear of dogs.
memory weakness of memory.absentmindedness and abstraction of thought.
losing the thread of conversation; forgotten words & sentence which just read but can remember the events of distant parts.
impaired memory. forgetfulness & total destruction of memory.memory problems due to results from lack of tolerance.
social interactions aversion to peoples & company.(unknown)
roams in desert places.
lack of self confidence in social interactions; due to their jealousy.lack of self confidence; do not trust others; due to dullness of intellect with aversion to company.they do not like receiving advice from others. (about health)
restlessness mentally restlessness to achieve unnecessary objects.
restlessness due to anxiety & fear.
at the new moon & at the approach of the menses.
physical form of restlessness.at night.restlessness due to dissatisfaction.
attitude selfishness ( internally) but very liable (outside)suspicious attitude.merciless; no sympathycareless; apathetic, indifferent attitude.
intellectthoughts seem to vanish whilst reading & writing.abstraction of memory & in-coordination in thought & perceptions.destruction of intellectual capabilities.either sharp or totally dull.
behavior indolent. aversion to work & bathing. lack of discipline.think about them self.
suspicious; jealous; quarrelsome; mischievous selfish; rude.
destructive & violence in nature.indifferent; dissatisfied; changeable; careless & fearless.
temperament change of temperament without cause.slighted change in the temperament reflects as change in the mind.
anger worse in the change of weather.
fixed ideas & mood.
depression is always present.
anger worse after sleep.
criminality feigning; deceitful philosophercriminal insanity.dangerous behaviors. take risks.
manias develop manias due to anxiety; fear & from various thought.many manias due to suspicion. violent & destructive rages & manias.mania to change something ( ornaments; cloths; occupations; household; furniture etc)
worse change in the weather & humiditynight thunderstorm
better by natural discharges; and appearance of suppressed skin conditions.when warts growth appear & returned of suppressed gonorrheal manifestations.unnatural discharges. in oper air
comparative study on the mental indications of four miasm.