Abortion due to injury

Female genitalia/sex;Abortion; injuries;after
: Arn;cinnam;con; ham;puls; rhus t; ruta;vib-p
Female;abortion;concussions,shocks,falls;from: Arn;cinnam;con;rhus t.
Arnica mont :
Threatened abortion from fall.
felling as if foetus were lying crosswise.
uterine haemorrhage from mechanical injury after coition
extreme sensitiveness, soreness or tenderness through the whole body is specially field in the abdominal viscera, in the uterus & pelvic region.
motion of the foetus are very painful and keep her awake all night.
Rhus t:
Abortion from strain.
The women has prolapsus of the uterus from straining or lifting.
Weakness of all the pelvic muscles.
Frequent threatened abortion,flow now ceasing,now returning.
Maldisposition of foetus.
Uterine haemorrhage caused by overlifling.
Repeated small haemorrhage during gestation & puerperal state. Worse any exertion,lifting,straining.
Miscarriage; at seven months.
soreness in the abdomen in the early stages of gestation, motions of the child are painful.
hamamelis v
ophorites; after a blow; after abortion, with soreness over the whole abdomen.

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