Values of family history in case taking

For identify the basement fundamental cause of diseases: We can affect by miasm; either acquired or hereditary.Acquired miasm is not basement miasm. It may occur due to influence of our fundamental basement miasm; which we carry as a vector from our parents.During our birth procedure; we take this types of miasm from our parents.It may present in our body, according to the stage of our parents miasmatic activity.Any latent stage of any miasm in parents, can make active miasmatic stage in next generation.On the other hand; any active stage of any miasm in parents, its may present in a latent stage in next generation. By any exciting influence they can become active & can make favorable pathology. For detect congenital  susceptibility.

For detect congenital  susceptibility: By birth we have some; types of stage of susceptibility. Due to the nature of our basement miasm. Mainly we say them idiosyncrasy. So we can  detect the congenital predisposition to any pathology.

For detect any congenital deficiency: During gestational life; the parents may suffer some types of pathology; which can make any deficiency stage of any nutritious substance.This may play vital roll to buildup physical structure or immunity. The next generation may suffer some types of disease pathology which may develop due to the deficiency of parents. As for example:- in intestinal disorder, where mother’s stomach cant absorb vitamin B12 & folate. The RBC of the child may develop as a megaloblastic. On the other hand in intestinal disorder; calcium deficiency may  present in parents & the child may become victim.

For detect any congenital drugs abuse: In modern time we know, some types of drugs can give influence vertically to the child. Some types of maltreatment can make more depressed the vitality of parents; and make some special types of predisposition to some pathology. On the other hand in this procedure we may develop miasm in our body. By maltreatment of N Gonorrheal pathology, sycosis may developed in an individual. So we can easily understand the congenital level of suppression. Then we can  understand the development & stage of pathology.

For identify any genetic diseases: in modern time; we know there have some diseases, which represent some genetic coding disorder. On the other hand some pathology may develop due to any defect of DNA coding.

For exact similimum: Miasm; susceptibility; predisposition & the diseases pathology. When we make similimum without miasm or susceptibility or predisposition, the disease pathology become in complete to make totality of symptoms.Disease pathology is a local malady. Miasm, susceptibility & predisposition is a general symptoms of affected individual (patient).

We should make similimum with the symptoms between patient & proved remedies. This factor give value for  selection the remedies.

Some example of rubrics: ( complete dynamics & synthesis)

Mind; alcoholism, dipsomania; children, in, of alcoholic mother

Generalities; convulsions, spasms; anger, vexation agg.; mothers milk, affects

Generalities; convulsions, spasms; children, in; nursing angry or frightened mother

Generalities; convulsions, spasms; fright, fear; from; child, in nursling, from fright of the mother

Mind; anger; family, toward; parents; father

Clinical; cancerous affections; hereditary

Clinical; cancerous affections; hereditary; mothers side especially

Generalities; food and drinks; meat; desires; tuberculosis, in hereditary

Generalities; syphilis; hereditary

Boger’s General Analysis 7; drugs, abuse of, agg.