About microdoshomoeopathi messages

For make messages, first you should go the message option from menu.

fig: menu

You can also make message from your profile message option. in here you can read. here have some options-

  1. Inbox- here you can fiend all messages to you from your friends.
  2. Starred message- here your valuable message; which you give star mark.
  3. Sent- list of your sent message items.
  4. Compose- in here you can compose new message.
  5. Notice- in here you can fiend admen notice of this web.
    fig: profile message option

In message compose box, you have some options-

  1. Send to- name of your friend.
  2. Subject- about your message
  3. Message- message content.
  4. Add an attachment- your file ( as for example- your patients investigation report).
  5. Send messages.
fig: message box

You can give message to your friend from your friend list. please go friends option of menu.

fig:menu f

Select your friend from your friend list.

fig: friend list

In your friends profile you have 2 (two) options for message-

  1. Private message- in privet message, you can give private message to your friend.
  2. Public message-

2) In public message; you can make tag post to your friend and this message can publish as a post. this type of message suitable for any social awareness; business message advertise or notices.