About microdoshomoeopathi forums

Forums: forums for discussion on your desirable subject. You can start forum topics ; you can make comments on any question & answer. also can make answers to any question of our community.

in menu you have four (4) options on forums-

a) start forum topics. b) forums. c) forum activity. d) my forum activity.

a) start forum topics:

  • first select category of your topics.
  • give a title.
  • give some description on question; commenting & answer procedure.
  • set privacy
  • write tags.
  • submit..
Fig: forum topics form.

b) Forum:  in this page you can fiend our total forums topics list.

  • in ask question button, you can go to forum topics box.
  • by click on category & tag, you can easily fiend subject wise topics,question & answers.
  • by click on any forum question, you can make comment & answer.
fig: total forum contents page

c) answer , question & comment box:

  • you can make subscribe the forum topic for future contribution or follow the forum discussion.
  • you can give like & dislike to any topics of the forum.
  • you can make comment on about the forum conversation.
  • you can setup your forum.
  • you can make answer.
  • you can share the forum topics to external social media.
Fig: forum answer box

your forum profile: in main menu go to profile. the go Q&A. In this page you have 3 options-

  • questions- your question ( which you make & which you subscribe) .
  • answers- your answer data.
  • reputations-  you have some reward point from our forums community, on your forum activity.