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DEFINITION-When part of a blood vessel  or cardiac chamber swells,either the blood vessels damaged or there is a weakness in the wall of the blood vessel,the swelling can be quite small or very large,when large it tends to extend along the blood the aneurism grows there is a greater risk of rupture -this can […]


homoeopathic extra repertory with nephrolithiasis. ACCORDING TO TYPES A.For phosphats crystal- alfa alfa,aranea dia,acid phos,arctium  lap,benz acid,bell,cal phos,ceanothus am,china  sulphuricum,condurango,guaco,hellonias dioica,kali brom,kali chromium,lecithin,mandragora off,nitric acid,populas condicans,phos,pic acid,sarracenia,senna,solidago,thlaspi bursa p. B.For uric acid crystal- aranea diadena,benz acid,balt t,baryta m,butyric a,ber v,cocus c,cal phos,china sulp,fabiana imbricata,icthymol,kali mure,ledum p,lithium benz,lysidinum,lyco,nat sulp,nat phos,ocimumc,phaseolus,sili,sarsaperi,sep,thyroidinum,thuja urtica u. C.For lithic acid crystal- […]

miasmatic mind

in homoeopathy, mind and miasm is a valuable thing for case analysis with have some miasmatic indication for rubrics. 1. absent minded- psora 2. absorbed- psora; syphilis 3. abstraction of mind- psora 4. abusive- psora; syphilis; sycosis 5. affectionate- psora 6. anger- psora; syphilis; pseudo-psora 7. anxiety- psora; pseudo-psora 8. blasphemy- syphilis; sycosis 9. […]

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